Are Sports Massages Only For Athletes?

Sports massage therapy is a kind of a massage technique, for the preparation of pre-competition for athletes, during the event (on the field, or in a clinic), and even after the competition. The purpose is to prepare the person to be relaxed and to condition the body to be ready to the event, reduce the muscle stress during the competition, and to ease the body pain and muscle fatigue after the event. Though it sounds like it was only for the athletes, but no, athletes are not just the ones who have experienced this pains.

People nowadays are so rigid in working, without knowing that though they make much salary but their bodies are the exchange of it. Every pains and fatigue are not that easily felt, but when it starts to strike, surely you can’t be able to work. That’s why others, from time to time they are visiting some massage clinic to condition their bodies from the long hard weekend of work. So that means, sports massages are not just for athletes, but for everyone who has back and hip pains, shoulder and arm pains, leg pains, neck pains, and other pains resulting to muscle stress and fatigue.

So if you’re a breadwinner, a single mom, a hardworking father, an athlete, or a working student, a sports massages are for you. Visit any massage clinic near you and make a time for yourself to relax. You will pay much more in the hospital if you let your body be always worn out, but take care of your body by giving it some touch. Your family needs you, so you better be healthy in mind and in body so that in your day offs, you have all the time to bond with your family instead of relaxing the whole days because you are attacked by sickness.

Do They Still Make The Old-Fashioned, Manual Orange Squeezer?

We all know how high tech everything is today. From the robots to simple mechanisms like a pulley, everything has leveled up. Just like things that are used in the past, technology made its way to make some innovations, and that applies in an orange squeezer as well. Nowadays, people are using machines in order to get those juices out of the fruit, and honestly, they are very convenient because it squeezes the fruit from the very last drop, meaning, you won’t be able to waste anything. But, would it mean that the old fashioned way of squeezing a fruit would be now thrown into trashes? I don’t think so.

What’s In The Old-Fashioned Way Of Squeezing?

We all know that the old way of taking out the juices from fruits is by using a hand press. This method is kind of stressful, especially if you don’t exert too much force on it, you won’t get everything from the fruit. It would be hard when you also use the orange squeezer that is hand pressed because the exterior of the orange is hard compared to other fruits, so it is not as easy as you think.

Yes, the market nowadays has been selling the new mechanism of squeezing fruits so you can get all the nutrients from the juice you need. However, there are still some who wants to sell the old ones because there are still people out there who prefer the old style. Maybe because they think that manual squeezing a fruit would make it taste better than when a machine did the job. Maybe the machine would just suit best when you are squeezing a fruit for business because you require a lot of power just to create many juices as much as possible. If you are just at home, then maybe the old style of squeezing is better.

Where Carrageenan Comes From

This substance had a long history of usage. It had been around the food industry for its helpfulness in making the products such as yogurt, ice cream, other dairy products, and much more–you’ve probably consumed these products yourself. This had been used because of its properties that will make the product stabilized or thickened and have more texture. This came from the extraction of the red seaweed Chondruscrispus which could mostly be found on the Atlantic coasts of the US and Europe.

What’s the issue?

What had been going on lately is that there are people around that have been warning everyone on how this ingredient is dangerous to your health because of its components. It was known to be as serious as a potential carcinogen-carrier and inflammatory properties that will cause more other serious illnesses. Well, before you make a conclusion that ‘oh, then this is really bad then,’ hold up. Proceed on the next paragraph.

What are the facts?

What if you realize that what the people here are pertaining to is wrong? Let me break it down for you. There are two types of carrageenan: degraded or undegraded. The undegraded is the good one, which is approved by the US Food & Drug Administration as safe (GRAS). The other one, however, is not safe. Poligeenan is the supposed name for the degraded one to differentiate between the two. What you would notice with the articles is that they will not highlight the difference between the two and continue on telling how harmful carrageenan is (which we know now is actually poligeenan) most often. It is still recommended for us to eat healthily and as much as possible, lay from the chemicals or additives they use in food. So one time, know how to make your own food so that your tendencies of getting sick because of these foods will be lessened. Remember, proper consumption is the key.